Stuart Painter BA(hons) ATC


I was born and grew up(that's debatable!) in St. Helens in the North West of the U.K.,

having graduated with a BA(hons) Degree in Three Dimensional Design I then

completed my studies with a post-graduate course at Goldsmiths' College, London


I lived in London for a number of years and was employed in the Advertising &

Publishing sector, specialising in photographic retouching and illustration,

I now live in Hastings, East Sussex on the South Coast.


Over the years I have created artwork in various mediums, particularly airbrushed

watercolour and graphite pencil.


My current fascination is with creating 3d Fractals, while fractals are a mathematical construct they are indeed found in nature and therefore the imagery

conveys a sense of being familiar and yet unfamiliar...perhaps best described as a 

' portal to an alternate reality '


I hope you enjoy veiwing the Gallery.